Procurement Policy


To document the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce’s guidelines regarding the purchasing of goods and professional services.


To purchase goods and services for the Chamber based on quality and fit, price and total return value to the Chamber. Procurement decisions will equally consider all the below criteria and will be awarded to the vendor that provides the greatest value to the Chamber both in terms of price and total return value, and offers an acceptable level of quality and/or fit at a price lower or comparable to other vendors. The procurement guideline must be fair, consistent, open, transparent, and accessible to all qualified vendors.


  • The Chamber will deliver a competitive quoting process, and ensure fair treatment and respectful business practices to all Chamber Members. It is critical to avoid real or perceived conflict of interest in the procurement of goods and/or services, maintain consistency in the process of procurement, and represent the best collective interest of the Chamber’s Members. At the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce, all members are treated equally.
  • The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce is aware that real or apparent conflicts of interest may arise in the course of purchasing goods and/or services as a result of Members of the Board, staff, or volunteers having affiliation with the organization providing the goods and/or services. Full disclosure of any affiliations is mandatory and must be made as soon as it is apparent to the President by any staff or Board member involved in the purchasing process. In cases involving the President, full disclosure must be made to the Board. Disciplinary action will/may be taken by the Board on offenders that fail to disclose affiliations (e.g. family, friends, etc.).
  • Professional services such as banking, legal, audit, and benefit consulting should be tendered often enough to ensure competitive pricing but, with a reasonable duration between tenders to ensure that suppliers have adequate opportunity to develop the required knowledge of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce. Evaluation of tender responses will be on the basis of not only price but, also other factors such as quality of service, references and proven capability to deliver. To be fair, a yearly review of professional services by the Board must take place and direction given to the Executive Director on quoting of members in good standing.
  • Details of tenders and/or quotes received, including pricing, shall not be shared with the general Chamber Membership or the public at large, but will be reviewed and decisions made by the Executive Director, the Finance Committee, and Board of the Chamber using the procurement guidelines of the Chamber.
  • All purchases of goods and services for the Antigonish Chamber valued under $500 shall be made at the discretion of the Executive Director keeping in mind the procurement guideline(s) listed above. All purchases under $500 will be listed in report form for the month and signed off by the Chamber President and Treasurer as an end of month (EOM) procedure.
  • All purchases of goods and services for the Antigonish Chamber valued over $500 must be recorded in a numbered Purchase Order (PO) book to include the signature of the Executive Director, and either the Chamber President or Treasurer (an OK by email printed off and attached to the PO will suffice). On purchases over $500 the Chamber guideline is to garner three (3) written quotes whenever possible from members. These quotes must be attached to the PO and all PO’s must be signed off by the Treasurer as an EOM procedure.
  • In rare cases where there is only one supplier in the Antigonish Chamber, a quote(s) will be received from a non Chamber member in Antigonish. The Antigonish Chamber member will be awarded the purchase as long as they are no more than 15{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6} higher than the non Chamber member.
  • All Purchase Orders will include the following information when applicable: 1) Details of product or service; 2) Price; 3) Delivery; 4) Terms and conditions; 5) Suggested supplier or contractor; 6) Warranties; 7) Performance guarantees; 8) Cancellation provisions and rights of termination; 9) Date prepared; 10) Signatures of authorization.