For Immediate Release

Settling of the Tax Bill Between the Town & County of Antigonish

The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to hear that the tax bill outstanding between the Town of Antigonish and the Municipality of the County of Antigonish has been paid. As we had asked the two municipal units to work towards a punctual and fair resolution, the Chamber commends the County for, upon learning of the decision of the Nova Scotia Board of Appeal, acting swiftly to settle this matter.

As we have stated in the past, the relationship between Town and County of Antigonish is a matter of great concern for our membership, and the Exhibition Grounds have certainly acted as the most public representation of those concerns.

Now, however, the circumstance is at an end. And with this end is the opportunity to usher in a new era for Antigonish. The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce looks forward to working with both municipal units as we strive to create an empowered Antigonish economy.

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