For Immediate Release

Upon learning that the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal before it as it pertains the Exhibition Grounds, it is the hope of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce that both of Antigonish’s municipal units can now work out a final resolution to this matter.

The Board of Directors of the Chamber has heard from its membership that the lack of cooperation, or perceived lack of cooperation, between the Town and County of Antigonish is of grave concern to them, perhaps their gravest concern. There is no topic in which this issue is more visible than in the matter of the Exhibition Grounds. A brisk, courteous, and equitable final resolution would do much to reassure residents and businesses of Antigonish, as well as those who wish to do business in and with Antigonish.

The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce, as always, looks forward to working with both municipal units as we move forward together to make Antigonish the desired place to do business.

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