BID Straw Poll/Vote Results

BID straw poll/vote results


A report tabled at the Town of Antigonish council meeting March 19, 2018.

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See below for an Extract Summary:

  • 216 = Total Ballots for commercial property owners & business owners were mailed
  •   99 = Total Ballots received or a 46{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6} response rate
  •   35 = Total in Favour  or 35.3{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6}
  •   64 = Total Against or 64.6{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6}

Recommendations & Next Steps

  • Given the feedback and concerns raised, staff (from the Town of Antigonish) are recommending that Council NOT pursue a BID structure to deliver marketing and promotions services.
  • That Council direct staff (from the Town of Antigonish) to develop a new option that is not a BID.  In the October 2017 report (click here to access) submitted to Council, the other remaining option for consideration was the creation of staff position with duties that include marketing, promotions, and communications.  Council my direct staff to undertake a student that examines the option in more detail to be delivered at the April, 2018 meeting of Council.

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