2016 President Report

2016 President Report

2016 The Year in Review :

This time last year, our new Executive Director Richard Burelle and I were stepping onto new roles with the Chamber. The learning curve has been steep but with the helpful guidance from a diversified and experienced Board of Directors, we have completed a successful year of operations at the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.

This report is intended to summarize our Chamber activities since my election as President at our AGM one year ago.

2013 President’s Report

2013 President’s Report

The activities of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce in 2013 and so far this year have been driven, largely, by the Membership Survey that was distributed to our Chamber members this past May. This survey provided us with our members’ priorities, and as a result, a focus for our board.

The survey told us that municipal relations was their number one priority, with wayfinding also being a major concern.

CHAMBER MADE: I, For One, Welcome Our New Overlords

And so the people of Nova Scotia have spoken, and we got ourselves a new premier, Mr. Stephen McNeil. At or about the same time, the people of Antigonish also spoke, and we got ourselves a new MLA, Mr. Randy Delorey. Needless to say, things are likely pretty cheery in the Liberal bunkhouse. There's nothing quite so exhilarating as being told you're in charge of something.

Doing It Right

Part of what the Chamber of Commerce does is host events. On Tuesday past, we co-hosted the candidates debate for the riding of Antigonish. It was a very well-attended and, I thought, informative night that gave the candidates from the three parties an opportunity to educate the voters, so the decision they make is an informed one.

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