Antigonish Wellness Collective

Nepsis Floatation

Nepsis Floatation was opened in Dec 2019 by Amanda Maginley with the mission to relieve your stress and improve the quality of your life by raising self awareness, body and mind, in an inclusive, supportive environment.



Nepsis offers floatation therapy in our sensory reduced pods and/or in our open pool room. You float in over 1000lbs of epsom salt dissolved in 1 foot of warmed water for either 45, 60 or 75 minute sessions. The peace and quiet of the float environment, relief of pressure on your muscles and joints, and the regulated temperature allows for deep meditative states and supreme relaxation.



Amanda Maginley

325 Main St, Antigonish NS (side entrance in the Antigonish Wellness Collective)

P: 902-863-0576


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