Tonight’s edition of The Casket will feature my first monthly column on behalf of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce. Interestingly, what has become my first column was already on my mind as a possible submission as a simple one-time article. I hope you enjoy it.

Brian Lazzuri, managing editor, has pretty much given me a free reign on what form the column will take. I suspect that for the most part, each article will be based around a single topic, issue, or theme, though it may occasionally be used to inform all about current events being put on by the Chamber or some such similar.

My writing style, if you want to call it that, can be somewhat varied – sometimes formal, sometimes more conversational. I’m serious about what I do, but I don’t take myself too seriously, and I hope that comes across. Really, I just hope that it’s readable.

I’m a strong proponent of the Oxford comma, though it seems that the Casket’s editorial staff are not. I’ve noticed more than one incident where a comma that was present in the press release was absent in the news article. So, if you happen to be reading one of my columns, and you notice that there’s no Oxford comma; believe me. It was there.

I’ve mentioned in the past that one of the things that the Antigonish Chamber has really been trying to accomplish of late is improved communication with its membership and with the Antigonish community as a whole. I really feel that this column will be an excellent tool to aid us in this, so I would like to thank the fine folks at The Casket for this opportunity.

As always, all feedback is welcome and encouraged.

~ Pat

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