AJ Gold Mining and Exploration

At AJ Gold Mining and Explorations we offer a full mining service from beginning to end for our clients. This includes exploration services to find new locations with potential precious metals, prospecting for existing locations that need to be evaluated for possible income potential, drilling programs and trenching for future permits and metal evaluations, and open pit mining in full scale.

We work closely with many companies around Nova Scotia with years of experience and a talented geological team, currently holding five mining leases in Nova Scotia including Goldenville, Goldboro, Drumhead, Diamond Valley and Forest Hill. Our companies objective is to provide a competitive and environmentally safe mining service both for corporations and private individuals.



Exploration, Prospecting, Diamond Drilling / Trenching, and Open Pit Mining.



Address: 32 Townsend St., Antigonish NS B2G2Y1

Office: (902) 867-1900

Cell: (902) 870-4782



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