Hello and welcome to the official blog of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.

An issue the Board of Directors has deemed important is one of communication. In order for the Chamber of Commerce to be of benefit to its membership, it needs to know what its priorities are. To that end, we’ve recently completed a survey of our membership assessing what your concerns are in the Antigonish business community, and we will be sharing that feedback with our membership before long.

But communication, good communication, is a two-way street. Not only must we listen and act on your behalf, but we must also let you know the work that we do for you and for Antigonish as a whole. The fact is, many businesses and individuals (members and non-members alike) really don’t know what the Chamber truly is, and the work all the work that we do. It is time to change that. In order for our members to feel like they are getting the value for their membership, we must inform them of all that we do on their behalf. As such, we have recently started a Twitter feed and have also launched our Facebook page. You are encouraged to Follow and Like both.

This blog is an extention of this communications plan. We intend to use it to post letters sent to advocate on behalf of Antigonish businesses (such as our recent letter to the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism in support of wayfinding funding), press releases, information on Chamber activities, and the like. How the blog evolves from there…who can say?

Thank you for reading, and we hope you continue to do so.

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