2020 Patrick C. Hanley Community Builder Award Nominations

Patrick C. Hanley (Pat) started his career in 1957, managing the local Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce branch in Antigonish. From that day, Pat made it his business not only to be a good custodian of people’s money – but he made it his business to care about each individual that made up his community.

Pat was a concerned and willing helper, involved wherever he was needed. He was an active member of his church, involved with Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) in Antigonish, and a strong champion for youth in our community.

Today, almost two generations of Antigonishers remember Pat for his open door policy and the legacy he contributed to with the “Building for Youth” campaign. That fund raising campaign in 1968 ensured all members of the community would have an Arena available for them.

Award Criteria: the recipient will be a Community Leader, Business Person or Employee that:

  • Has demonstrated compassion for their fellow citizen and has shown a willingness to help at times of need,
  • Is dedicated to a cause, an organization, and/or a vision that is important to him/her and the community at large,
  • Demonstrates high standards for volunteering & community development.

Selection Committee and procedure:

  1. A Nomination Form is required for each candidate. The Form must contain examples of work carried out by the nominee to describe how the Award criteria has been met.
  2. Forms for this award may be submitted to the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce at any time 20 days prior to the Presidents Dinner & AGM date (“the Date”).
  3. The Chamber will forward all Forms received to a Selection Committee at any time 15 days prior to the Date.
  4. The Committee will have until 10 days prior to the Date to rank and make their decision.
  5. Once the Committee has reached a decision, an outreach will be made to the highest ranked Nominee (via phone, email or letter) to congratulate the candidate and to ensure his/her acceptance.
  6. If the highest ranked Nominee declines, the Committee will select then next highest ranked Nominee, and return to step 5 above.

Award Nominee:

Upon his/her acceptance, the Award will be announced at the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce’s President Dinner & AGM held every year in the spring. The recipient will be invited to the President’s Dinner (at no cost for the recipient and 1 guest) to receive the Award. The recipient’s charity/organization of choice will be receive a cheque of $500.00 in their honor from the Sponsor.

Sponsorship Opportunity:

Every year a unique sponsorship opportunity will be offered to an Antigonish Chamber of Commerce member to support his award. First right of refusal will be offered to the previous year sponsor in good standing. Previous year sponsor will have two (2) weeks to confirm renewal. After that time, the sponsorship investment opportunity will be open on a first come basis.


Submit a Nomination:

2020 Patrick C. Hanley Community Builder Award Nominations are now closed.

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