2017 Business Award Nominations

The Antigonish Business Awards, presented annually during Small Business Week promotes the advancement of responsible business leadership and prosperity within the community.

It is our goal to encourage entrepreneurship in the community by celebrating many noteworthy and accomplished businesses and individuals with these prestigious awards.

Nominations will be reviewed and judged by an independent panel of judges comprised of business and academic leaders from Antigonish. Businesses and/or Individuals may only be nominated in one category. Previous winners cannot be nominated in the same category. All nominees must be an active employee with a business or an active business located and operating in the Town or Municipality of Antigonish. Nominees are not required to be members of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.

Submit Nominations:

It’s easy! Simply complete one or more of the forms below to nominate a deserving business or individual for an award. Help us celebrate our people and businesses in their successes and contributions to our community!  Open to all, anyone can submit a nomination.

Nominators will be kept strictly confidential and will be identified only to the award administrator.

Deadline: Mid-night, Friday September 22, 2017


Designed to put the spotlight on individuals within a business that have demonstrated outstanding, “above and beyond” service to the citizens and customers for their employer.

Nominees’ best demonstrate these 5 customer service attributes:
Accessible, Courteous, Helpful, Knowledgeable, and Responsive.


  • Nominees should be employees that have demonstrated outstanding “above and beyond” service to the citizens and customers for their employer.
  • Nominees must have been an employee for the employer a minimum of three (3) years as of August 31, 2017.

Sponsored by: Mac Mac & Mac Lawyers

This award is designed to recognize youth who have excelled in the development and enhancement of the economic infrastructure, and contributed to the prosperity and well-being of Antigonish through entrepreneurship. In addition, the award acknowledges that young entrepreneurs strengthen local networks, help build a spirit of entrepreneurship, and contribute to the development of transferable skills for themselves and others in the community.


  • Nominees must be between the ages of 16 and 29.
  • Nominees must have operated a business on a permanent basis for at minimum of two (2) years as of August 31st, 2017 (i.e. competed their second fiscal year of operations).
  • Nominees must be an owner, partner, or majority shareholder, and must own at least 51{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6} of the business;
  • Nominees have shown perseverance and excellence in both their work practices and their commitment to their business.
  • Nominees have demonstrated continued growth since the creation of their company.
  • Nominees are actively involved in their community.

Note: The following business structures are not eligible: Franchises, non-profit agencies and associations.

Sponsored by: RBC Royal Bank

This award is designed to put the spotlight on a new profitable business showing excellence in some or all of the following categories: new or innovative product or service, quality of merchandise/customer service, job creation, growth potential, market served and community involvement.


  • Nominees should be businesses that demonstrate remarkable growth, innovation, and leadership in its industry.
  • Nominees must be within their 3rd – 9th year of business as of August 31, 2017.

Sponsored by: Nova Scotia Business Inc. (nsbi) 

In 2016, with the help and support of nsbi,  the Chamber announced the creation of its newest Award:

The Export Recognition Award

Why Export? Companies that export do better than companies that don’t. They make more sales, have higher profits, and stay in business longer. Exporting also reduces business vulnerability, through diversifying into international markets, and increases the likelihood of long-term business success.  As per the EDC: Companies that export are 25{724894637525eb13b4365534dc3b2cc1f9048728292861ba35c8e22a86f398f6} more innovative and more likely to adopt innovative technologies.  In light of this, and as mentioned as an economic development goal in the Ivany One Nova Scotia report, the Antigonish Chamber thought it was key to begin shining the light on our local business that have embraced export trade.


  • Nominee is a business in the Town or Municipality of Antigonish and has demonstrated success in taking up the challenge of expanding its markets outside of Nova Scotia and/or entering new markets for exporting its goods and/or services beyond the borders of Nova Scotia.
  • Nominee must have been in business a minimum of three (3) years since August 31, 2017.

Sponsored by: CBDC-NobL

Professor Ian Spencer was a long time member of the business department within the Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems at St. FX University and he was a Past President of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce. He served the business community of northeastern Nova Scotia from his post at the university for more than 30 years. Ian was the first recipient of the St.FX outreach award in 1990, a university award recognizing his outstanding contribution to the wider community.

In recognition of Ian Spencer’s commitment to bridging the gap between business and the community in which it operates, the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce annually recognizes a local business with the Ian Spencer Award for Excellence in Business.


  • Nominees should be businesses that demonstrate general business excellence; successful business practices and strong corporate responsibility and community service.
  • Nominees must have been in business a minimum of ten (10) years since August 31, 2017.