Why Be a Member?

The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce is for all industries! We respect and know that specific issues are important to more than just one sector and we strive to demonstrate the broader economic impact. We advocate collectively for local business on all matters that may affect you at Federal, Provincial, and local levels. We are the “Voice of Business”.

Whether you are a new business, a budding entrepreneur, a home business, tourism, retail, education, health, service sector and more we offer many benefits that will help you in establishing and growing your business.

Networking is an essential component of business success. Through the many events organized by the Chamber throughout the year you will be able to meet with other businesses, community, industry thought leaders and government officials.

Members find marketing opportunities through our online business directory, email marketing opportunities, event sponsorship and the Antigonish Brochure.

Take advantage of professional development through speakers and seminars, information sessions and scholarships.

The Antigonish Chamber of Commerce offers its members special discounts with selected businesses. Take advantage of the Group Health Insurance Plan and enjoy your subscription to Progress Magazine.

Our members are located in the Town and County of Antigonish and a few from the Quad County area that do business with Antigonish.

Individual (Retired or Student)$57.50 + 8.63 HST = $66.13
Self-employed or 1-4 Employees$120.75 + 18.11 HST = $138.86
5 – 20 Employees$172.50 + 25.88 HST = $198.38
20+ Employees$287.50 + 43.13 HST = $330.63
Membership Structure & Fees:

On behalf of the President, Board and members of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce it is with great enthusiasm that we encourage you to recognize your support of business in the community thru Chamber Membership.

The annual membership fee shall be payable on January 1, each year; which coincides with the 1st day of the Chamber’s fiscal year.

A new member approved between July 1 and September 30 each year must pay one-half of the yearly membership fee, this amount to apply to December 31st of that year.

A new member approved on or after October 1st each year must pay a full year’s membership fee, such fee to apply from date of approval to December 31st of the following year.